Exploring a Loving Relationship (ELR)

Exploring a Loving Relationship (ELR)

Exploring a Loving Relationship flyer

  • A professionally-led educational counseling program
  • For couples dating, engaged, married, or remarried who
  • Have had a monogamous relationship for at least six months

Love isn’t magic, it’s a skill!

In the Exploring a Loving workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Make your love last
  • Make your love deepen over time
  • Keep love fresh and new
  • Communicate by fully expressing yourself
  • Understand your partner at a deep level
  • Find and express positives
  • Stop and change conflict patterns
  • Problem solve effectively
  • Replace nagging with positive reinforcement
  • Build affection activities
The weekly topics are:
1. Family of Origin/Prior Marriage
2. Expressive (speaker) Skills
3. Listening/Empathic Skills
4. Conflict Resolution
5. Family Issues:  Ex’s, In Laws, Out Laws
6. Myers-Briggs
7. Adult Step Children & Step parenting
8. Autonomy vs. Intimacy (I vs. We)
9. Money
10. Sexuality & Intimacy
11. Trust
12. Couple’s Panel- Q & A
(Everything you need to know that hasn’t been covered!)
Facilitator: Carrie Hansen, MA, MSW, LCSW-C
Locations: Columbia/Ellicott City

Please call 410-721-0992 or email info@changingfocus.org to register for the next session. Registration and assessment are required.

Couples meeting the requirements for completing the course will receive a certificate validating their attendance and participation in pre-marital counseling.   Churches and Synagogues that require counseling before marriage will usually accept this certificate.  Please check with your Priest, Minister or Rabbi.

Fees are based on a sliding income scale and are on a per-person basis.  An assessment with Carrie Hansen is required prior to starting the workshop ($ 75 fee).

Income Member Fee Non-Member Fee
*$0 – $60,000 $115 Member $190 Non-Member
$60,001 – $80,000 $155 Member $230 Non-Member
80,001 – $100,000 $195 Member $270 Non-Member
$100,001 and above $235 Member $310 Non-Member