About Us


The Changing Focus organization is established to provide a variety of educational and healing environments for the growth of people in personal crisis, and to ensure the continuation of these services to the community.

Vision Statement

Changing Focus is the most widely recognized support group in Central Maryland for individuals experiencing separation and divorce, becoming widowed, or wanting their relationships to grow. Its therapeutic education programs are highly respected and are viewed as the best source for comfort and growth. Changing Focus is financially secure, has highly motivated leadership, and is supported by an ever-growing, energetic group of volunteers. Changing Focus is accessible to everyone in need of such support thru its many locations, and has it scope widely disseminated via a variety of advertising venues to make this a reality.

Changing Focus Office
1657 Crofton Parkway
Crofton, Maryland 21114
(410) 721-0992

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – Noon


1978 – The Birth of Single Again. Changing Focus started out as “Single Again” in the Spring of 1978. The program originated in response to people’s needs after becoming separated from their spouses. They had no place to turn to discuss the issues they were facing. The group met in Crofton, Maryland at Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church.

1981 – Single Again Expanded. A second group opened at Asbury Methodist Church in Arnold, Maryland. Not only could more people attend, but allowed both spouses the opportunity to attend, each at a different location. In 1986, this group moved to Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church in Severna Park, Maryland.

1989 – Healing Journey Begins. In the Fall of 1988, the organization received many calls requesting a program for adults who lost their spouses through death. In the Spring of 1989, Healing Journey was organized at the Crofton, Maryland location.

1991 – Single Again Grows. In November of 1991, another Single Again program was started in Cockeysville/North Baltimore County, Maryland at the Chestnut Grove Presbyterian Church.

1994 – Group Members Ask for MOHR. In the Spring of 1994, another program, Moving On to Healthy Relating (MOHR) was started in Crofton. This program was started because people still had many questions about life relationships that were beyond the scope of Single Again and Healing Journey. MOHR helps to answer those questions and helps people to improve their relationship and communication skills.

1995 – We Incorporate as Changing Focus, Inc. It became clear that all of our programs did not properly fit under the parent organization name “Single Again”. The Board of Directors initiated a contest to find an appropriate name. The result was “Changing Focus”. In 1997, Changing Focus became an independent, tax-exempt organization incorporating Single Again, Healing Journey and Moving On to Healthy Relating under one name.

2001 – Changing Focus continues to grow. Changing Focus offers a second Healing Journey support group at the Unity By the Bay church in Severna Park.

2002 – Single Again Program Opens In Ellicott City. In January of 2002, another Single Again program opened in Ellicott City at the First Lutheran Church.

2005 – Single Again Program in Ellicott City moves to Columbia. Due to the need for additional space and easier access, this chapter moves to the First Presbyterian Church.

2009 – Single Again Program Moves from Cockeysville to Towson. In November of 2009, Single Again program moves to the Calvary Baptist Church.

2010 – Second MOHR Begins. In September of 2010, a second MOHR program is started in Ellicott City/Columbia at the First Presbyterian Church.

2015 – Changing Focus adds the Step 2 program.

2016 – The first meeting of Regrets: Let’s Not Have Any occurs.