As You Get Help…

You Will Also Give Help To Others

Some messages from our members:

“Feeling reluctant and devastated after separation, not knowing where to turn I was referred to Changing Focus. The support I found in this group has been an invaluable, positive growing experience. Changing Focus-Single Again has supported me in bringing forth a more confident outlook on my life.”

* * *

“Through Healing Journey, I’ve received much needed support and understanding from people who have been down the same road as me after losing their spouses, and over time, I’ve been able to help new members and let them know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

* * *

“In MOHR, I learned how to “walk down a different street” – that is, avoid making the same stupid mistakes all over again! I came to understand that I had to first develop a healthy relationship with myself before I could hope to have healthy relationships with others. Through this program I learned the value of communication, that without communication, relationships always fail, that with it a relationship may blossom.

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